How Entrepreneurs Could Shape The Climate Change Battle

Entrepreneurs have been one of the main causes of global warming for centuries. The industrial revolutions, which have caused carbon emissions throughout the last few centuries, were driven by entrepreneurs such as Aliko Dangote of Dangote Group of Companies and Femi Otedola Nigerian business man , who transformed millions of lives for the better but also pioneered industries that became driving forces behind climate change.

If entrepreneurs can transform industries for the worse of the environment, they can and should be the ones to fight climate change.

The Threat Of Climate Change

The harm caused by climate change due to high emissions greatly outweighs the profits gained through high emissions. The biggest challenge for climate activists is that many people do not see climate change as a serious threat or see it as a far-off event. If all the ice at the poles and on mountaintops were to melt, the sea level would rise by 216 feet. This is enough to submerge 15 floors of a building.
As global warming increases, the harder it gets to reverse it . There is an urgent need for the world to act immediately.